Mind Expansion w. Nat Lawson


The hypnotizing, memorizing, muscle-reading, mind-voyaging showman, Nat Lawson, has been a student of human potential since he was a kid. As a live performer and the youngest ever certified consulting hypnotist, Nat has dazzled clients and audiences all over the world. At age 8 he became hooked on magic - mesmerizing family, friends, and teachers with his acute focus, sleight of hand, and command of the unseen. In high school he sought the main stage, showcasing his talents for thousands of spellbound onlookers. After graduating early, at 16 he spent a year in Argentina honing his muscle-reading and mentalism crafts in a second language. Today, as a freshman at the University of Texas - Austin, Nat continues to expand his mind and his repertoire, venturing forth as an entertainer, teacher, and advocate for the power of the human mind and the importance of digging in to nudge it awake and unshackle its force.